Felix Ikechukwu Idiga (Jr) (born January 4, 1991), better known by his stage name Fii3rd, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Born in Imo State, Nigeria and raised in California, USA. He studied business management at California State University Northrige before moving back to Nigeria to work in his Family business. Fii3rd made his music debut as a lead artist of the music group Phly Guyz Entertainment with his debut rap single “Gad Dam” in 2016. He later ventured into Afro-Beat music in 2017 with the release of his hit single “Gbam Gbam”, which was produced by his long time musical producer Amako Terry (known as BadGuySwag_Beats), and debuted on the charts at number three as most played song on Nigerian Radio for several weeks that year.


He has then gone on to release other sings such as “D.I.A” (2017), “Iheoma” (2018), “Extras” (2018), “Turn Me On” feat. Gigi (2019)




So Stressed (2017)


Gad Dam (2017)


Gbam Gbam (2017)


D.I.A (2017)


Iheoma (2018)


Extras (2018)


Turn Me On (2019)

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